Saturday, July 5, 2014

THEFACESHOP Freshian Volumizing Mascara

THEFACESHOP is one of my newest discoveries and a brand I am completely obsessed with. Overall there products have been good, prices are affordable, packaging is cute and the staff and the store are very helpful. A few weeks ago I received this mascara as a gift with purchase along with some other goodies. I hear tons of hype surrounding Asian mascara’s and eyeliner’s so I was eager to try and report back.  Now here is what I think… 

With its sleek black packaging and minimal wording I honestly do love the simple look of this product. The brush is a small fiber brush which is perfect for working in the product into the lash line. Come to think about it I think I prefer fiber mascara wands over there plastic counterparts. Typically I find fiber wands coat the eye lashes better then plastic wands. Anyways back to the topic on hand the Freshian Mascara! The formula of this is extremely wet, which isn’t clumpy and actually smells quite nice too. The problem with this mascara is my lashes stick together when I close my eyes. I’ve tried the non-blink completely dry down but this never completely dries. While the formula is not clumpy I find the wetness gradually clumps my lashes together. If the formula was a tad drier this would be a fantastic budget product but unfortunately for me the Freshian mascara didn’t work

  I hate to be negative but keep in mind mascara’s can be such a personal thing. There are a ton of great FACESHOP products that I thoroughly recommend but unfortunately this is not one of them. What are some of your favorite mascara’s leave me a comment!

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