Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Face Shop

My new obsession is The Face Shop.
This can be viewed as is handy because these beauty shops keep popping up just about everywhere.
On the flip side kind of crappy because browsing through cute Asian products has become way to easy and it’s got me feeling rather spendy.
Whichever way you want to look into my predicament every product from my previous haul is amazing. If you haven’t read it do click here. So when I was told one of these stores was at my local mall well ladies I just had to go shopping.
Avocado Avocat Hand Cream
I mean how cute is this? I plan on keeping this on my desk for a quick touch of moisture to my hands. The cream inside is actually very hydrating and smells rather fresh. But lets be honest here what got this into my cart was the adorable packaging. You don’t get too much product in these but for $7.00 it was worth the excitement.

Special Care Hand Mask
I have never tried a hand mask before but for $2.00 a pop I thought it would be a nice way to pamper my hands.

Collagen Mask
I tried the hylauronic mask the other week and really liked it.
So why the anti aging one you ask? I want to see if there was a difference between the two. These masks are $4.00 but I could have sworn I paid less the other week.

Mango Seed Lip Scrub
This was $11.00 so it wasn’t crazy expensive but in comparison to my make shift DIY sugar lip scrub, lets just say this better work.

Water Proof Auto Liner
This is not a glamorous, witty or funny description. I just needed black eyeliner so the lady told me this one was the best. It seemed pretty creamy in store so I can’t wait to share my findings. The Auto Liner was $10.00

Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask
Now how cool does this sound? This product claims to help you achieve beautiful porcelain skin overnight. It also claims to tighten pores, build collagen, hydrate and replenish. Sounds amazing, right?
This Raspberry line has the cutest packaging.

Mango Seed Gift
This was such a surprise, but with a 30-dollar purchase you got a free gift. The gift comes with two very cute makeup bags, a Mango Butter “Special Kit”, Lavender Nail polish remover, Mascara and a top coat.

Calming Seed Set
Another gift but with there calming seed line!

I must say The Face Shop loads you up with samples and gifts. 
Well that is all for today I can’t wait to report back on how I liked all these products. 
Thank you all for reading and hope you have a great weekend.

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  1. Nice picks, Tanya! I've been loving the Face Shop too- super affordable, cute packaging, and a great selection! I've been curious about the Raspberry sleeping mask- curious to hear your thoughts on it! :)