Saturday, April 5, 2014

Nuxe Bio Beaute Lip Balm

 Let’s talk about lip balm today. It’s no surprise to you by now that I love NUXE’s potted perfection of a lip balm Reve De Miel. Not only is this ultra-hydrating but it’s exfoliating as well. 
I find this matte balm works best at night treatment and I honestly can say I have not had dry lips since using this. 
Nuxe’s little sister Bio Beaute is a line that is filled with fruit based products, which offer great ingredients, cutting edge science all at an affordable price.  So when I saw Bio Beaute’s lip balm it peaked my curiosity, could this be as good as it’s older sister Reve De Miel?
First off let me tell you that these two ‘sisters’ might have different fathers because they are completely different. While the Reve De Miel is a thick matte balm the Bio Beaute is shiny and lightweight.  I find the formula of this lip balm so light weight it almost feels like water. As for the finish it’s shiny but not as goopy as a gloss.

If you like peaches you are going to love this! Just like my Clarins Lip Perfector I have contemplated eating this. Just saying!
Overall I see a place in my heart for both.The classic Reve de Miel is a great nourishing night time treatment while the Bio Beaute Lip Balm is a great lightweight and travel friendly choice for during the day.  


  1. Ooh, the texture of this sounds interesting! Glad you're liking it :)