Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Another Week and Another Haul

You know when there are just to good deals to pass up? Yes these deals got the best of me and here we are with another haul.
Let’s begin!
Soap & Glory Scrub Away
I love Soap & Glory so when I saw this scrub on sale for  $9.00 I thought it was worth the try. Besides the price I love scrubs that come in a tube because they make for easy application in the shower. I have not tried this yet but from what I can tell it smells nice.
On a side not I hate scrubs that come in a tub, is it just me? Or does anyone else end up dropping them in the shower?

Bio Beaute Lip Balm
It’s no surprise to you that I love NUXE. So when I saw NUXE’s little sister Bio Beaute’s lip balm I had to see how it compared to the cult classic Reve De Miel. Right off the bat I can tell you that this one tastes and smells freaken amazing.

Clarins Brightening Exfoliator
I’m not lying when I say this …since the sun has been out I have realized just how blah my skin is. In hopes on getting my glow back I thought this bighting product would put the radiance back into my skin. I think this will be similar to the Philosophy Micro Delivery Pads but I will report once I’ve tried.

Benefit Maybe Baby
This was such a good deal and what prompted this whole haul in the first place.
I have always wanted Maybe Baby so at $19.99 I thought it was worth adding this peachy number to my spring fragrance lineup.

In addition my local Shoppers Drugmart was having a giveaway over the past weekend in which lead me to 2 full sized products to take home. One product was the Essie polish in Saturday Disco Fever and the other was the Rimmel Lipstick in Rose Sorbet. Both colors look amazing and I think they will look stunning worn in the summer.

I have yet to try some of these but so far I love the Maybe Baby. The fruity fresh notes are such a nice change from my usual dark and heavy rose scents. If you have a request for me to review something feel free to leave a comment below. Or leave me a comment and let me know what you have been hauling!


  1. Love the title of the post haha x


  2. Awesome, awesome haul. I didn't know Benefit even had a perfume! I like scrubs that come in a tub when I'm in the bath... Because it means I can open it up and scoop away. In the shower though, I can definitely see how annoying it would be.
    By the way, I absolutely adore your header. It's so lovely!

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment :)
      Scrubs in tubs do have a time and place.

  3. Amazing haul! That lip balm sounds lovely and I've heard great things about that Clarins toner. Love how bright the Essie polish is too! xo



    1. Thanks for the lovely comment Jen.
      The Essie colour so bright the camera would focus on it lol!