Sunday, February 23, 2014

Night In With the Girls

I love a girl’s night in! Honestly, between having a chill wine and cheese or just staying in and watching TV it has to be my favourite way to hang out with friends.
There’s something about taking off you makeup, wearing yoga pants, eating pizza and drinking a glass of wine that puts me at ease.
You can consider the girl’s night in the polar opposite as the girl’s night out. So ladies get your scrunchy ready these are my essentials for a ladies night in.

Yes, it’s time to take it all off.
But keep your clothes on because I’m talking about makeup you pervert. 
I love taking of my makeup almost as much as I love putting it on. While I’m at home I have a three step cleansing routine, which in all honesty isn’t a realistic régime when traveling. So when I am on the go I bring my Bioderma and my Bioderma only.
It’s a perfect product to quickly remove makeup and it’s as gentle as water.

*Don’t forget to bring cotton rounds or cotton squares!

Mask? Maybe not!
We all have different skin types, sensitivities or preferences. So to avoid any breakout or irritations I avoid masks at girl’s night. Years ago I bought a drug mask which left both my guests and I with very irritated skin. Lesson learnt I just avoid masks all together!

Hand and Nail
What is a girl’s night without a bottle of wine or a bottle nail polish?
While I skimp out of facial treatments I love painting my nails with my friends. It’s the kind of activity we’ve all been doing for years yet never gets old.
Another fun thing to add to the mix is hand cream; it’s a nice little treat for the hands to get some extra love. I mean you can really run with this theme and so scrubs and cuticle treatments too!

I have to say most girls night spent in usually require take-out and an episode (or two of) Beverly Hills Housewives. For me a girl’s night in is a great time for good conversation and relaxation. Which is just my kind of evening!


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    1. LOL agreed!
      Pj pants have a place in my heart too! :)

  2. greatpost! I love bioderma a lot.

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  3. I have the same hand cream, smells super floral and feels nice and light on my hands. Great post!

    1. Thanks for the comment and stopping by!