Thursday, February 27, 2014

Exfoliation for Reactive Skin

Exfoliation help’s promote healthy looking skin. Everyone needs a good exfoliation not only does it slough of dry skin, but it helps everything from makeup apply more evenly to your moisturizer moisturize better.
And about 50 other things! 
For years I used exfoliating products that weren’t right for my skin. Most of them featured harsh acids, rough particles… particles? Scrubbies? You know what I mean!
The worst were the ones that had a combination of the both.
I am happy to report there is a new generation of great products out there for girls with sensitive skin. Both of these are perfect for people with acne as well, because both are gentle enough to not aggravate already angry skin.
Avene Gentle Purifying Scrub 
The Purifying Scrub is a gel like consistency that again is made for all skin types. While the Clarins scrub is creamier this one is more purifying. Purifying, but don’t get me wrong it doesn’t make you skin feel striped either. While many products only offer a physical exfoliation this one offer’s both physical and chemical.

I know right, chemical exfoliation safe for sensitive skin? 
Yes, you heard me right.

 Avene have also added their famous soothing thermal water to this scrub to make your skin feel instantly conformable.
For more information click here

Clarins Gentle Refiner
The Gentle Refiner is a cream based exfoliator with mimosa extract. The beads in the baby are pleasant but still effective. Trust me you will feel a difference to your skin right away! This doesn’t leave you skin feeling striped nor does it leave is too oily. But the winning ingredient is the soothing mimosa extract which helps instantly eliminate irritation.
Exfoliating is a critical part to healthy looking skin.
Coming from my own personal experience exfoliation doesn’t have to mean painful.

So put that sadistic scrub down ladies and get on the peaceful exfoliation train with one of these amazing products!
*this post features pr samples


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