Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bases Overview

I love reading overview posts!
Tiny snippets of thoughts about a series of products sometimes tell it all with no BS in between. Do you know what I mean?
That was honestly not supposed to rhyme, BUT it made it fun and catchy that it did.

So without further ado here is my foundation/powder foundation/bases overview.

 MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural
Great shade selection even for us pale gals! This powder foundation has been a go to product for years. Usually I wear this alone by buffing it in with a Kabuki brush, but sometimes when I need a little extra coverage I use this to set my foundation too. Spray a little Avene Thermal water on you brush before buffing it in… results are magical!

Skin 79 Super BB
There was a time where I was on a bit off a bb kick. This one I really liked! It was pale enough for my skin, offered a little more coverage then others and smelt like sunscreen. You will notice that this has a slight grey undertone to it, which ultimately I did not find to flattering in comparison to the foundations in my collection.

Chanel Le Beige
I wasn’t sure if I should include this in bases or finishing powders, but because of the little amount of coverage it provides it got lumped in here. Le Beige is has nice soft coverage that can never be overdone. Le Beige is perfect for weekends when you’re on the go. Personally I would have actually called this Chanel Le Weekend… because its pretty much the only time I wear this alone.
But I don’t work for Chanel.

Vita Lumiere
I love this foundation, but they don’t make a color pale enough for my skin. It’s luminous, moisturizing and holds up extremely well. Again they don’t make one pale enough for me. So I can’t get on the Vita Lumiere train and I’m kind of pissed because I bought a ticket. Do you know what I’m saying?

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation
Now here is a train that I use everyday!
*Note to self-stop using train references
Healthy Mix Serum is my everyday foundation, I love the smell, the moisturization, the color, the blendability, the longevity, the packaging, the price point and even that I can get it at the local drugstore. One of my favorite discoveries of last year, I plan on using this everyday until the foreseeable future.

NARS Sheer Glow
Everyone describes this a little different! I find this has medium buildable converge and not that glowy. Don’t get me wrong this isn’t an Estee Lauder double wear!
 I mean there still is some glow just not enough glow to be in the called Sheer Glow. While the name of this bad boy puzzles me the product and shade rage is incredible. I have this in two shades one for summer Deauville and one for winter Gobi.

I’m dragging this one out but bare with me…
I like Sheer Glow when I need a little extra coverage. Unlike other semi-matte foundations this never clings to dry patches! The color range is amazing… 

Becca Ultra –Sheer Foundation
One of my favorite summer foundations! The name of this tells it all (Sorry NARS) this is ultra sheer and perfect for days were you need a little perfecting but also need some SPF.
It’s essentially a tinted SPF product!

Well if you made it this far you deserve a sticker.
Leave me a comment below and let me know what your favorite foundation is!


  1. NARS Sheer glow is an absolute fave of mine now! I recently did a review of it. I think the shade ranges in channel foundations is a little poo, there's a weird orangey shade I always get matched too doesn't seem like there's to many shades available. I'd love to try the BECCA one it sounds really good. Great post I find these ever so helpful foundations like the hardest to buy, but the base for everything x

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has had colour issues with Chanel!
      It true they're the slightest touch of orange in there offerings.
      Thank you for the comment!

  2. Great roundup! I'm doing a similar post soon myself! Love all your picks- I really want to try Chanel Les Beiges :)


    1. You have a wonderful lipstick collection!
      I can't wait to see what foundations you own.
      AND I can't wait to read your thoughts on the By Terry foundation!
      Thanks for the comment Jen!

  3. I picked up NARS Sheer Glow recently and am really excited to use it. It's been on my wishlist for ages but I am going to try to use up a face product or 2 before opening this up. Currently my MUFE HD is in heavy rotation.

    1. thanks for the comment.
      It's nice to reward yourself with a new product!
      MUFE HD is a great foundation with a great shade range too!

  4. I absolutely adore Sheer Glow! I had the same problem with Vitalumiere not being pale enough for me, but Vitalumiere Aqua is :) x

    1. Thanks for the tip I will have to try it out!