Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The real girls guide to: Office Party Makeup

As you may or may not know by now I work with all men in an industry that’s mostly all men. So while some of us like to do a glamorous smoky eye for their office Christmas party this look just does not work in my situation. Instead I like to opt for simple makeup looks with festive touches. So keep reading if you want to see my favorite simple but festive makeup tips.

The understated Christmas nail
I want to be festive but I want to be subtle. So instead of painting on a Christmas pudding on my thumbnail I’ve opted for a simple nail combination.
Featuring some pretty shocking colors… red and green
For Christmassy nail combination I have been adoring Revlon’s Bordeaux with China Glaze’s It’s Alive as an accent. They both have aren’t too bright, which makes them festive but not so in your face.

The Cheek Set Up
I’m going to get very honest here for a second.
Party for me means an over application of highlight, blush and contour, because we all want to have defined cheekbones? Is anyone with me?
Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately …depends on how you look at this one. My party cheeks have been reinvented to something way more natural, a quick sweeping of bronzer. For my look I like to lightly contour the face with a light bronzer and skip out on blush and highlight. I find by just using the one product it gives my face enough definition but doesn’t look too overdone.

Eye Still Love Sparkle
Christmas and New Years just have glitter written all over it. While my previous looks have been dark and dramatic, this year I’m going for fresh and effortless. Because I can’t say no to a good sparkly eye shadow I apply Bobbi Browns Pink Blaze to my lid. This eye shadow was a limited edition color but there are tons of similar colors out there like Nars Fathom. Next for some definition I added a medium toned matte brown into the crease. I finished this up with a thin line of eyeliner and a good coat of mascara.

I’ve talked a lot about red lipstick as of late. I love red but for work I usually opt for sheer reds like the YSL Sheer Candy in Luscious Cherry. I have a whole post about these sheer Christmassy cherry red colors so I wont go into this in crazy detail. But YSL Luscious Cherry is my choice for this look.

Yes this might not be a glamorous look but its something that works for my office and also something I love wearing. 
Let me know your picks in the comment section. I would love to know what look your going for this year.

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  1. Beautiful picks! That Bobbi Brown palette looks lovely and Luscious Cherry is one of my faves! xo



  2. I completely agree- there is an art to dressing/ doing make up for work in general!

    That ornament is also way too cute!