Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The New Christmas Reds

This is for the new generation of lipstick lovers who want color but don’t have time to line and fill out there lips perfectly. While I still love wearing Gabrielle I do have to say red lips are do require more maintenance. Because when red lips do start looking sloppy its not a cute look. So I have three easy to wear red lip colors that I know I am going to get lot’s wear out of this holiday season.
YSL Sheer Candy Luscious Cherry 
While Mouth Watering Berry is one of my favorite fall colors there’s something very festive about cherry lips.  Luscious Cherry is a true cherry tint that is easy to apply and has really nice shimmer too. This one is defiantly on the higher price point but YSL lipsticks are the ultimate luxury and are a pleasure to wear.
They just look so fancy to pull out of your purse too!
Bourjois 3D Gloss in Rouge Democratic 
Very similar in color to the Luscious Cherry, but a little bit difference in formula. This defiantly feels like a lip-gloss as where the Sheer Candy defiantly feels more like a balm. The shimmer catches natural light beautifully in this product and the easy application make it a winner for work during the holiday season.
L’Oreal Color Caress in Cardinal Plume
Again Cardinal Plume is amazing sheer cherry lip color that gives you that vintage look but without trying so hard. This color leans more toward the orange side of cherry as oppose to the two above with are both cool based. I put this product away for the winter but I’m glad I found it because it’s a great drug store lipstick and the shade is really pretty too. I would recommend these if you’re new to the whole lipstick game because there more pigmented then a tinted lip balm but less then lipstick.

Well these are my favorite cherry lip colors that are easy to slap on the lips during the busy holiday season. Please feel free and leave a comment I would love to know what are some of your favorite holiday shades.
Starting from the right YSL Luscious Cherry, L'Oreal Cardinal Plume, Bourjois 3D Gloss in Rouge Democratic 

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  1. Lovely picks! YSL Luscious Cherry is one of my all-time faves! xo



  2. Thanks for the comment Jen.
    I've actually been really surprised with the Bourjois.
    The colour and the formula very very similar.