Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Liebster Award

Holy moly! 

Every hit I get I’m absolutely amazed that people are reading my thoughts!
Thank you so much for the nomination Kate.
If you are reading this and have no idea who Kate is give her site a click.
She has an amazing reviews and an incredible eye for fashion.

What inspired you to start blogging?
I think the amazing online community inspired me! You may or may not know but I’m a huge girly girl working in a male dominated industry. I love my job and the people I work with but for me this is my girly escape

What are your dreams for your blog?
My dream would be inspire people!
Also if people left my blog by feeling that they have learnt or read something fun.

Lipgloss or lipstick?

Lipstick. This always changes for me but for now and for the past year or so it’s been lipstick hands down.
One of my fave pictures I've taken this far, random but thought I would share!

Are you more interested in writing or photography?
Both! I love building a story around pictures but with that being said I like to write like I’m talking to a best friend.

What is your biggest, best, most wild dream?
Oh wow… these questions are getting deep!
My wildest dream would be to meet Lisa Elderidge, I mean she is like a makeup goddness! No?
My best dream is to enjoy life to the fullest every day.

Fashion or beauty?
I love fashion too don’t get me wrong.

Who do you take your fashion advice from?
I once heard an actress talk about personal style. She mentioned it’s not about the labels you wear or the trends you wear it’s the personal style conveyed. I have no idea who this actress was but for some reason that really stuck with me.

What is one bit of fashion advice someone gave you which you wish you had followed?
My advice “You can’t go wrong by wearing monochromatic shades and accessorizing with color”
In reality I dress in black every day accessories and all!  
Favorite style book?
I might get really nerdy here but, is this an app?
If it is then I am extremely uncool but if it isn’t my favorite style books are.
Tavi’s World- I think this youngin has an extremely good sense of personal style.  
Not really a style book but more like a memoir Grace. My biggest fashion influence is Grace Coddington her book Grace is an amazing read.
Youtube videos or blogging?
I once made a youtube video and took it down immediately.
I would have to say that blogging is more my style.

Finally I would like to nominate two Beth’s.

One is a very close family friend she is new to the blogging world and loves crafts.
She asked me this summer if I could help her start her own blog because she wanted to join the online fun. I’m so proud she has kept with it, her crafts are amazing. Check her out!

I would also like to nominate Beth from http://bethsadventuresinwonderland.blogspot.ca/
Beth has amazing pictures and style! Her content is very informative, she’s done an internship at a magazine… she’s definitely got her hand on the pulse.

My questions for you two are:

1. What inspired you to blog?
2. What’s one thing you have learned as a new blogger?
3. Black nail polish or pink nail polish?
4. Favorite online shopping website?
5. Favorite season of the year?
6. Favorite beauty product?
7. Where you feel most creative?
8. What are your goals for your site?
9. If you can travel anywhere in the world where would it be?
10. If you were an animal what animal would you be?

Kate thanks again for the nomination.
Ladies thanks for reading!
Feel free to leave a comment.

Kate thanks again for the nomination.
Ladies thanks for reading!
Feel free to leave a comment.


  1. Oh Tanya this post is just so very well put together!! Thank you so much for the nomination!!
    I just love your "random" picture...it is just stunning!!
    Looking forward to your next post!!!

  2. I like your blog! Please check out my new fashion/beauty blog when you get the chance!


    Thanks xx