Friday, August 23, 2013

My 5 Favorite Summer Fragrances

With summer almost being done I thought I would share with you some summer fragrances I have been wearing this year. Some are new favorites and some are one’s I return to every year.

*Random fact but I absolutely love fragrance. My first job was selling fragrance at a department store and from that day on I was obsessed.
**Another random fact but helpful! To keep your perfume from turning, keep bottles in a dark cool place. I find places that fluctuate in temperature really ruin your fragrances.

So without further distraction these are my top 5 summer favorite fragrances.

Hermes Un Jardin Apres la Mousson
I have this in the “all over body fragrance” which is fancy for body spray. This is described as a fresh spicy scent, which I agree. To me this smells like fresh juicy melon with a little ginger and pepper. This kind of reminds me of a cucumber melon scent but don’t be alarmed the spicy notes make it much more sophisticated. If you’re into melon scents but what something more adult I would give this a go.

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre
Eau Tendre is young, soft and flirty. This fragrance is a crowd pleaser and defiantly appeals to a lot of people. To me when first sprayed it smells like fresh grapefruit. The dry down of this really turns into a adult musky-floral scent. This fragrance is perfect for work because it’s soft and very pretty.

Balenciaga L'essence
This has been one of my most worn fragrances this summer. I describe L’essence as an understated beauty that is both warm and cool. The green notes make this fragrance perfect for cool summer nights. The overall effect is something that’s very deferent without feeling overdone. I’ve said before but this might not be a scent for everyone. With that said if you want to smell something different I would check this out.

Feerie Eau de Toilette Van Cleef & Arpels
To me this like opens with a strong scent of berries and dries down to a woodsy fragrance. The woodsy aspect of this perfect for nights and the light fruity notes make this great for summer. I think if you like Chanel Eau Tendre you would really enjoy Ferrie.

Mimosa Pour Moi L`Artisan Parfumeur
This smells like exactly like Mimosa. I would describe this as a simple fragrance done incredibly well. If you have never smelt Mimosa before it kind of smells like floral/citrus that is both sweet and soft. Mimosa Pour Moi also has Violet leaf in it which gives this a great balance between sweet and green. Love this one because it reminds me of being outside during hot summer days.

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  1. I haven't tried any of those but they sound so good!
    my favourite fragrance is vera wang lovestruck :)
    Meg xx

  2. Lovestruck is very pretty and I love the bottle.
    Thanks for commenting!
    Tarte Tanya