Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Givenchy Interdit Mascara Review

The other day I received a Givenchy package in the mail and my first thought was ‘drinking and online shopping are a dangerous mix’. However my nerves about financial doom where quickly subsided when I realized that this was in fact a PR package. 

People, I cannot stress this enough but I am not a blogger who gets a whole lot of PR. So naturally this box sat on my kitchen for over a week and when I finally had the courage to crack it open I realized this was the weirdest mascara I’ve ever seen in my life.  Firstly the thing you need to know about this mascara is that it bends into an L shape. The second and final thing the Givenchy Interdit Mascara brush resembles that of a hair brush.

Black and red marble lipsticks and jet black moisturizers there are some weird things happening at Givenchy and I’m happy to report this mascara although strange really works. For me this mascara comes down to two things the brush and the formula.

The stiff brush does a great job at separating and evenly coating lashes. Actually with a little practice I’ve also become pretty good at getting this right down to my lash line. Meaning it gives the look of eye liner but without all the work. My only knock on this mascara is the bendy brush, as my personal preference is to use this linearly.  So if your a mascara traditional-est like myself you will be happy to hear the brush locks straight you don't have to worry about this flopping back and forward. The final thing you need to know about this mascara is that the formula is flawless. Personally I find this one of the most long wearing mascara's I've ever tried because even after over 12 hours of wear time I find my lashes look just as good as when I first applied.

Drugstore to highend end I think that there are a lot of excellent mascaras out there. However when it's comes down to long, curly, fluttery lashes that meet an extremely long lasting formula Givenchy Interdit Mascara is among one of the best. The packaging, the scent, hell even the tube feels nice when you open and close it! Givenchy Interdit is what a good mascara should be. So if your looking at this and thinking I'm not sure I say give it a try and let it surprise you.


  1. Glad you enjoyed this! The packaging is so sleek and unique :)

    1. I definitely feel very fancy using this each and every day... and the scent!
      Glad to see your blogging again Jen missed you!

  2. I was shocked when I saw this in my mail box too! I love it!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge